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Bombarda Media offers special full-service photography pricing for our university and higher education clients, recognizing the unique needs of academic institutions.


These pricing packages include rates for high-volume portraits for students which includes a custom branded landing page and scheduling system, on-campus photography, image editing and digital delivery directly to the students.

With over 5 years of experience capturing higher education media content, Bombarda Media ensures the process will be as efficient and seamless as possible for the students and your institution.


1. Promotion

Your department will distribute your Promotional Material which directs the Student to a customized Landing Page created by our team and approved by your department before the Landing Page goes live.

2. Photoshoot Info

The Landing Page features directions to shoot location, FAQ’s, how to prepare for and what to expect on photoshoot day, day-of contact information, etc.

3. Online Booking System

The Landing Page contains Scheduling system  where the Student will be able to book a 3-minute time slot. The Student will then receive an automated confirmation email and appointment reminders 48 hours prior to their appointment. The Student can also opt-in to text reminders from here. The booking system will close 2 days before the shoot.

4. Photoshoot & Editing

After the day of the photoshoot, the editing process begins. Every image we deliver will be color-corrected to get the most accurate colors out of an image and checked for correct exposure so that they are ready to be used immediately.


5. Delivery to Students

Bombarda Media will create individual albums for each student and distribute them individually to the email address we will collect from the booking process. Each individual album will be hosted online by Bombarda Media and will be available for the Student to download for 60 days from delivery date. The Student will receive a reminder-to-download email prior to their album expiring.

6. Delivery to the Client

Bombarda Media will create a Master Album for the Client to download upon request.

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