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University of California, Irvine's Department of Dermatology:
Revitalizing a Visual Identity

Objective: Brand refresh utilizing new still photo and video assets and incorporating new B-roll to refresh an older informational video.

When the University of California, Irvine's (UCI) Department of Dermatology sought to rejuvenate their visual presence, they approached us with a dual mission: to refresh their marketing photos and to update their older marketing video that we had produced for the department in 2020 with new b-roll footage, capitalizing on their recent move to a new, state-of-the-art office. Our task was to capture the essence of their innovative and patient-focused approach through contemporary photography and dynamic video content. The photo sessions highlighted the advanced technology and expert staff, while the video shoot, incorporating b-roll from their modern facilities, offered a vibrant and engaging portrayal of their environment and services. This comprehensive visual overhaul provided UCI Dermatology with a refreshed and compelling suite of marketing materials, effectively communicating their commitment to excellence in skin care and research.

UC Irvine School of Medicine - Dermatology Residency (2022 Refresh)


Canon, USA: Capturing Excellence in Photography and Cinematography

Objective: Enhance current product photography archive with new assets.

Canon, USA, a titan in the world of photography, entrusted us with a pivotal task: to create a series of captivating photographs that would showcase the superior quality and versatility of their lenses and camera bodies. Our challenge was to not only highlight the technical prowess of Canon's products but also to capture images that resonate with both professional and amateur photographers alike. Through a blend of creative composition in Canon's Costa Mesa and Burbank showrooms, we crafted light and color to produce a collection of photographs that exemplify the clarity, precision, and reliability synonymous with the Canon brand. These images, used in various marketing campaigns, successfully demonstrated the exceptional capabilities of Canon's equipment, further reinforcing their status as a leader in photographic innovation.


MPN Heroes 2023: A Photographic Journey of Inspiration and Healing

Objective: Capturing the essence of the MPN Heroes event through still photography.

For the distinguished MPN Heroes event, hosted by Cure Media Group and sponsored by Incyte, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company, we were tasked with creating a still photo gallery that encapsulates the spirit and significance of the occasion. This annual event celebrates individuals making a difference in the lives of those affected by myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). Our photographic approach was centered on capturing the emotion, camaraderie, and inspirational stories unfolding at the event. From poignant moments of recognition to the intricate details of the event's setting, our images aimed to convey the essence of hope, achievement, and community that defines MPN Heroes. The resulting gallery not only served as a vivid documentation of the event but also as a powerful tool for Cure Media Group and Incyte to showcase the impact of their collaborative efforts in the MPN community.


Fetch dvm360 Conference: Showcasing the Forefront of Veterinary Education and Innovation Through Tradeshow Photography

Objective: Capture the dynamic learning and engagement of veterinary professionals.

For the Fetch dvm360 Conference, an innovative event tailored for professionals in the veterinary industry, our assignment was to create a dynamic still photo gallery. This conference stands out for its interactive sessions and renowned keynote speakers, all geared towards providing attendees with continuing education credits essential for delivering up-to-date and cutting-edge veterinary care. Our photographic focus was on capturing the essence of engagement, learning, and professional development. From the intensity of interactive sessions to the inspiration of keynote addresses, our images were designed to encapsulate the vibrant exchange of knowledge and the fervent dedication of veterinary professionals. The gallery we produced not only vividly documented the event but also served as a visual testament to the evolving landscape of veterinary medicine, enhancing the conference's outreach and educational impact.